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Albert Rodolphus Snow

        The (*.JPEG files) pictures; of Albert Rodolphus Snow , on this page; were contributed by Candee & Greg Paul. Candee is the daughter of Stewart & Betty Cain.  Stewart is also a desendent of Frederick Candee Reynolds &  Lydia Miria Snow.

        Albert Rodolphus Snow, was the father of Lydia Miria Snow. Lydia Miria Snow was the wife of Frederick Candee Reynolds. Frederick Candee Reynolds was my Grand father.  Frederick Candee Reynolds & Lydia Miria Snow were the parents of my father, Frederick Potter Reynolds.

     The dates that we have for Albert Rodolphus Snow are as follows ::

  DOB:          May 5, 1831 in Suffield, CT., USA.;
  DOD:          June 8, 1919
  Married:    October 17, 1860;  to Huldah Maria (Warner)

     Albert Rodolphus Snow's father was Rodolphus Snow, also of Suffield, CT., USA.; his mother was Mary Ann King.
     Rodolphus Snow's father was Zephanian Snow JR. & his mother was Orpha Adams. Rodolphus was their only child.

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