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(as we know them 8/March/1999)

From Betty Donaldson, regards Frederick Candee Reynolds and Lydia Maria Snow.  They were my Grandfather and Grandmother.  They were married the year of the big blizzard 1888.

Frederick Potter and Catherine F. Gunning were my parents.  Frederick  CandeeReynolds was my grandfather.

I am Elizabeth (Betty) C. "Reynolds" Donaldson; I married Edward S Donaldson.  This information is gone into in more depth towards the bottom of this page, and on my Home Page which I call " Betty's Page "

My father was:

    This is as far as I have gone back with the REYNOLDS line.  Can't seem to make any more connections.  But I won't give up.


Now more information on Lydia Snow. That I have plenty of.

Frederick Potter and Catherine F. Gunning were my parents

Lydia's parents were:

Albert's parents were Rodolphus Snow and Mary Ann King: Father of Rodolphus was Zephaniah Snow Jr. His father was ZEPHANIAH SNOW: His father was LEMUEL SNOW Lemuel's father was JONATHAN SNOW (TWIN TO DAVID) his mother was Sarah Bangs Jonathan's father was LIEUTENANT PRENCE SNOW Prence's father was MARK SNOW (2nd Generation)
Mark was born May 9, 1628. He married first in Eastham Jan 18, 1655, Anne Cook, daughter of Josiah Cook and had one child: Mark and Jane's children were: born in Eastham: Mark does not mention his daughters in his will
  To find where they lived.  (Copied as is)
    From Plymouth Colony Records, volume 1, page 59.
    "A height way from Plymouth to the Eole River the upper way to Thomas Clarke's still and the lower way from Ralph Wallens right out to Holman's Rock; allowed forty foots on the West side, and so straight to Manesses Kempton's ground, whose fence is to be removed twenty foot inward, and so passing between two rocks at the brooke, straight to Edward Banges, leaving his house West. and so along, leaving Nicholas Snow's house east & so to Mr. Hopkins' house, leaving it east, and up the valley and to Mr. Hopkin's, in the old path, belowe Thomas Clarke's to the heigh way," etc.
    Mr. Thomas Prence, John Doane, Nicholas Snow, Josias Cook, Richard Higgins, John Smally, and Edward Bangs, Seven families, began the settlement of Eastham --- at first called Nauset, early in 1645. It is granted to be a township and to have all the privileges of other townships within the government.  Nicholas Snow was elected Town clerk, Edward Bangs town treasurer and Josias Cooke town constable.
 Nicholas Snow was town clerk from 1646, for sixteen years; was deputy from 1648, three years, was selectman from 1663 seven years.  Nicholas died in Eastham, November 15, 1676.  He married Constance Hopkins in Plymouth, daughter of Stephen Hopkins and a former wife..  Constance died Oct. 1677 in Eastham Mass.

Constance father was STEPHEN HOPKINS
    What follows is what I have collected from the LDS library on W 18th Eugene Oregon.

 Stephen' father was NICHOLAS HOPKINS Nicholas father was STEPHEN HOPKINS (Reverend)

Begin here with Frederick Potter Reynolds and Catherine Francis (Gunning) Reynolds.  My parents Elizabeth Catherine Reynolds Donaldson (Betty)

Me (Betty)

Our second child is: Our third child is: Our forth child is: Our fifth child is: Our sixth child is: Our seventh child is: That is the end of the Donaldson's for now.


FREDERICK POTTER REYNOLDS JR. IS Catherine and Frederick' Reynolds second child


Catherine and Frederick Potter's third child was Claire Lillian ( Reynolds) Vandiver.


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