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 (as we know them 8/March/1999)

From Betty Donaldson, regards Frederick Candee Reynolds and Lydia Maria Snow. They were my Grandfather
and Grandmother. They were married the year of the big blizzard 1888.

REYNOLDS Frederick Potter and Catherine F. Gunning were my parents. Frederick Cande Reynolds was my grandfather. Frederick Candee Reynolds was born June 20, 1860 at Cincinnati, Ohio; died in New Haven Conn. September 15, 1928. Married Lydia Maria Snow was born March 5, 1867 , New Haven Conn; died January 5, 1958 in West Haven Conn. His father was Frederick Reynolds born in East Hartford Conn. July 12, 1819. He died April 09, 1889 in New Haven Conn. He married Isabella Clementina Candee, November 29,1858. In New Haven, Conn. His father was John Reynolds, born 1777, in Connecticut. Died in East Hartford Connecticut. Married Hannah Goodwin, about 1802 in East Hartford Connecticut. Hannah was born July 4 1781 in East Hartford, Conn. They had nine children. Frederick was the seventh child. This is as far as I have gone back. Can't seem to make any more connections. But I won't give up. SNOW Now more information on Lydia Snow. That I have plenty of. Lydia Maria Snow was born March 5, 1867 , New Haven Conn. She married Frederick Candee Reynolds April 18 1888, in New Haven Conn. She died January 5, 1958 in West Haven Conn. They had five Children: Isabella C. Born May 17,1889 Married Howard Brown. They had four Children :: Lillian Clara Born Feb. 8, 1891 Married Herman Cade Abigail Louise Born Dec. 02 1892 Married Harold Cain May Catherine Born Sept. 30 1894 Married Harry Carsten Frederick Potter Reynolds Born Jan. 31, 1896 M--Catherine Gunning Frederick Potter and Catherine F. Gunning were my parents Lydia's parents were: Albert Rhodolphus Snow born May 5,1831 Died June 8, 1919 Married October 17, 1860 He married Huldah Maria (Warner) born Sept. 22, 1838. Died May 1, 1926. She was the daughter of Elias and Sybil Maria (Tuttle) Warner They had four Children Lillian Alice : b Nov 25. 1862 d. Feb 3. 1946 Lydia Maria b March 5 1967 d. Jan 5 1958 Clara May b May 12 1873 d Sept. 20 1874 Albert Otis b May 21, 1877 d Aug 30 1968 Had four wives Alberts's parents were Rhodolphus Snow and Mary Ann King: Rhodolphus Snow was born June 14 1813. He died March 16, 1871 @Suffield Conn.. He married Mary Ann King.,August 17, 1829. Mary Ann was born October 6, 1807 Died April 16 1858. She was the daughter of Jonah and Sally (Curtis) King. Their children were: Albert Rhodolphus b: May 5,1931--died June 8, 1919 Mary Electa b August 10 1833 died --- Henry Robert b |Feb 22 1835 died------- Francis Byron b July 29 1836 died-------- Sarah E b Jan, 26 1837 died @54 yrs Otis B June 5, 1849 died Oct 12 1870 Father of Rhodolphus was Zephaniah Snow Jr. Zephaniah was born May 23, 1796 ? @ Suffield Connecticut. He was married to Orpha Adams They had a son. Rhodolphus b. June 14, 1813 d: Mar. 16, 1871 His father was ZEPHANIAH SNOW: Zephaniah was born at Ashfield Connecticut 1753: He died May 12, 1813. In Stafford, Tolland County,`He married Lydia Blodget March 02 l784,. They were married for 29 years till his death . She then married a man named Bugbee. The Snow children were Rufus b Nov. 16, 1784 Cynthia b July 24, 1786 Sylvester b Jan 21, 1788 Zelotus b July 30 1790 Zephaniah Jr. b May 23, 1796 Lydia b May 23, 1798 Delight b July 1, 1800 Leonard b July 9, 1803 Ira ? Ike? Ire? b Dec. 14, 1805 Orrele b Aug. 24, 1809 His father was LEMUEL SNOW Lemuel was born 1737/38. I believe in Stafford Connecticut.. He married Margaret of Whaately , in 1753 Their children were: Zephaniah b. 1753 Bernice b------- Solom b 1755 Sarah b-------- Lucinda b 1760 Huldah Lemuel b. --------- d August 27, 1776 Hannah Lemuel's father was JONATHAN SNOW (TWIN TO DAVID) his mother was Sarah Bangs Jonathan was born December 22, 1709 at Harwich Connecticut. He married Sarah Bangs Februaary 24 1735 at Brewster. She was born October 23, 1716 in Brewster. She was the daughter of Captain Jonathan Bangs (taken from Bangs family --paage 61-62). Their children were Lemuel b 1737 David b March 10, 1739 Mary b Feb 19, 1742 Malatian b Jan 18,1744 Jonathan b May 4, 1747 Sarah b March 25, 1751 Mark b.Sept. 3, 1756 Jonathan Jr. b about 1757 Jane b Sept. 15, 1758 Samuel b March 22, 1761 Jonathan"s father was LIEUTENANT PRENCE SNOW Prence Snow was born May 22 1674, in Eastham Connecticut. He died July 07, 1742 at Harwich Connecicut. He married Hannah Storrs in1698 in Mansfield Connecticut.. Hannah was born March 28, 1672. In Burnstable Ma. And died in 1751 in Harwich Connecticut. Their children were: Jonathan b.Dec. 22, 1709 David b Dec 22, 1709 Jabez b Nov. 06, 1699 Hannah b Nov. 29, 1701 Samuel b Dec. 16, 1703 Mercy b Nov 18 1705 Prence b October 15, 1707 Mary b Sept. 10, 1712 Prence's father was MARK SNOW (2nd Generation) Mark was born May 9, 1628. He married first in Eastham Jan18, 1655, Anne Cook, daughter of Josiah Cook and had one child: Anne Cook Ann Snow (3rd generation) b.July 7, 1656 in Eastham: the mother died July 25, 1656. Mark Snow married second, Jane Prence (Prince), Jan 9, 1660, daughter of Gover;nor Thomas and Mary (Collier) Prence. She was born in Dixbury, Nov. 1, 1637, died at Harwich about 1711. Mark Snow was a man of great usefulness and influence. In 1679 "Select Courts, being established by law, Captain Jonathan Sparrow, Mr. Mark Snow and Mr. John Deane were commissioned to hold them in town". In 1675 Mark Snow was chosen deputy, and continued deputy for six years. In 1667, Mark Snow was chosen selectman, and was selectman 18 years. In 1663, he was chosen town clerk, and was town clerk fifteen years. He died in 1695, in Eastham Mark and Jane's children were: born in Eastham: Mary b Nov. 30, 1661 Nicholas b Dec. 6,1663 Elizabeth b May 9, 1666 Thomas b Aug. 6,1668 Sarah b May 10,1671 Prence b May 22, 1674 Elizabeth b June 22, 1667 Hannah b Sept. 16,1679 Mark does not mention his daughters in his will Marks parents were NICHOLAS SNOW AND CONSTANCE HOPKINS. Nicholas Snow came on the ship "ANNE" in 1623 and had a share in the division of land in Plymouth, in 1624, settled in Eastham in 1645. He was a man of much note. He married Constance Dudley Hopkins May 22, 1627. Constance came with her father brother stepmother on the ship MAYFLOWER. Nicholas was born Jan. 25, 1598/99 in Hoxton, Middlesex, England and died Nov. 15, 1676 in Eastham Barnstable Mass. Constance was born in England in 1607, and died in Eastham Barnstable Mass, in Oct. 1677. Their Children were: Mark b 1628 Mary b. 1630 Sarah b 1632 Joseph b 1634 Stephen b 1636 John b 1638 Elizabeth b 1640 Jabaz b 1642 Ruth b 1644 Hannah b 1646 Rebbeca b 1648 To find where they lived. (Copied as is) From Plymouth Colony Records, volume 1, page 59. "A heigh way from Plymouth to the Eole River--the upper way to Thomas Clarke's still and the lower way from Ralph Wallens right out to Holman's Rock; allowed fourty foots on the West side, and so straight to Manesses Kempton's ground, whose fence is to be removed twenty foote inward, and so passing betweene two rocks at the brooke, straight to Edward Banges, leaving his house West. and so along, leaving Nicholas Snowes'house east & so to Mr. Hopkins' house, leaving it east, and up the valley and to Mr. Hopkin's, in the old path, belowe Thomas Clarkes to the heigh way," etc. Mr. Thomas Prence, John Doane, Nicholas Snow, Josias Cook, Richard Higgins, John Smally, and Edward Bangs, Seven families, began the settlement of Eastham.---at first called Nauset, early in 1645. It is granted to be a township and to have all the privileges of other townships within the government. Nicholas Snow was elected Town clerk, Edward Bangs town treasurer and Josias Cooke town constable. Nicholas Snow was town clerk from 1646, for sixteen years; was deputy from 1648, three years, was selectman from 1663 seven years. Nicholas died in Eastham, November 15, 1676. He married Constance Hopkins in Plymouth, daughter of Stephen Hopkins and a former wife.. Constance died Oct. 1677 in Eastham Mass. Constance father was STEPHEN HOPKINS What follows is what I have collected from the LDS library on W18th Eugene Oregon. Stephen Hopkins was born in Gloucestershire, England, on Oct 29, 1581. He married in London England July 17, 1644. It is reported to have been Constance Dudley. Constaance was born January 25, 1598/99. She had a brother Giles Hopkins and William Hopkins. Constance and Giles came on the MAYFLOWER, with their father and stepmother. Stephen' father was NICHOLAS HOPKINS He was born around 1560 or 1565 in Norfolk England. He married about 1549 to whom is not known. She is listed as Mrs William Hopkins, Took place in London England. They had a son Stephen born October 29 1581, in Gloucestershire |England, married May 09 1599. He died July 17. 1644. Nicholas father was STEPHEN HOPKINS (Reverend) He was born about 1518 in Norfolk England, Wife unknown but born about 1520, in Norfolk England. Their son was Nicholas. He was born 1560/65 in Norfolk England. Married about 1549 to Mary Poore or Poole at London England Begin here with Frederick Potter Reynolds and Catherine Freacis (Gunning) Reynolds. My parents Elizabeth Catherine Reynolds Donaldson (Betty) Frederick Potter Reynolds was the son of Lydia Maria (Snow) Reynolds & Frederick Candee Reynolds. He was born in New Haven Connecticut Janurary 20, 1896. He married Catherine Gunning February 14, 1917 at New Haven Conn. He was a fine person, well liked by everyone. He was always ready to help, no matter what it was. Worked as a machinest till the depression hit in 1929 (Stock market failed) He was also an account, electrician auto mechanic, he never stopped learning and doing. He put in a new filing system at Whitney Blake in Hamden. He took up photography as a hobby and because he was a perfectionist he was in demand to take pictures. I must say they were the best. I have trunks full of them, as well as walls and books.. What else can I say about Dad, He was great. Frederick P. Reynolds died of cancer November 22, 1953 in Hamden. He is buried in the Mount Carmel Cemetary Hamden Connecticut. Mom; Catherine Gunning was born in Meriden Connecticut on September 19, 1895. She loved to sew and did beautiful work, also made afghan's. She liked to do needlework. In 1964 she came to Oregon with us and stayed for a year or so then went back to Uncle Hermans (Aunt Lillian's husband, she died many years earlier) She ended up marring Herman., but didn"t live very long and died in Grensboro Maryland on April 17, 1967. They had three children: Elizabeth (Betty) b Aug 20, 1918 Frederick P. jr. b Oct 20 1925 Claire Lillian b July 19 1933 d June 4 1981 Me (Betty) Elizabeth married Edward Stuart Donaldson November 5, 1937 at St Rita's church in Hamden Connecticut. They had 5 children and moved to Oregon in October 1964. First to Seal Rock Oregon, then to Eugene Oregon. In 1973 we adopted baby Shawn, and 1976 we adopted baby Stephen right from the hospital. Our oldest child Don is 57 this year 1999 and Stephen the youngest is going to be 23 years this year. Our children are: Donald D b March 18, 1942 - Married Juanita Wheeler--1962 Sandra E b Dec 27, 1945 - Married Will.. Scheiderich-1945 Charles E b April 19, 1948 - Married Violet Rose ---1986 John A. b Nov. 07 1952 - Married ?????? Susan C. b April 10 1955 - Married Jim Sanders Shawn P b June 30, 1973 - Married Famina-Brown--1996 Stephen A b Dec. 6, 1977 - Married Cathy Pazz--- 1996 Donald David Donaldson born March 18, 1942. Married Juanita (Wheeler) Donaldson August i8, 1962. Don enlisted in the Navy while in high school. Finished school and went to base in Virginia where after the first year Juanita joined him. They have seven children and six grandchildren. Beginning with Peggy Sue b Oct. 18, 1961 Timothy (twin Ray) b Oct 26,1962 Son Tim b Aug 10 1986 Raymond (twin Timothy) b Oct. 26,1962 David b Nov 27, 1963 Daughter b ------------------ Karen b Jan 05, 1965 - Married Edward Daugherty--1987 James b June 07, 1966 - Married Jody Abott--1990 Son--Tyler b ------------------------ Daughter Delcie b --------------------- Sandra b. Dec. 06, 1967 - Married Brain Renfrow --1986 Son Kevin ----------------------- Daughter Amanda b ---------------------- Our second child is: Sandra Elizabeth Donaldson born in Dade County Flordia, two days after Christmas, December 27, 1945. To me she was the answer to my prayers "A Girl". A boy then a girl that was wonderful. She made her mind up when she was three years old, she was going to be a nurse. Today she is the best of everything she does. Now supervisor of nurses at large 600 bed hospital in Chicago. She married William Scheiderich April 24 1976. She had honors all thru school. Had scholarships awarded to her for many colleges but went to a small private Catholic hospital in Halstad Kansas. Started off with twenty students but only a very few made the grade, she was one.with honors. She has been a wonderful mother when her children came along ( Sarah and Daniel) she worked the night shift so she would be there days for the children. She has done that for twenty one years. Has the two wonderful, well behaved children I have ever met. They are: Sarah b April 11, 1978 Daniel b February 05 1981 Our third child is: Charles Edward Donaldson. He was born April 19, New Haven Conn. He went to schools in Hamden Connecticut, until we moved to Oregon in 1064. That year there were some very bad floods. Many bad land slides. He finished going to school here in Eugene, oregon. Then joined the Marine Corp. He went to Lane Comunity Colege. Then he worked in Alaska on the fishing boats then went to work on the oil pipe line. From ther he came back and married Violet Rose from Cottage Grove. Violet adopted a young girl called Kareen she was born in California May 28 1972 They live just south of Cottage Grove, in a little town called Drane Oregon. They have a gold claim up on Sharp's Creek. A real nice place for camping. They also spend a lot of time looking for gold on the beach. There is gold allover Oregon if one want's to look and work for it. Kayreen Rose b. May 28, 1972 Our forth child is: John Alexander Donaldson. He was born in New Haven, Connecticut on November 7, 1952. He went to school in Hamden Connecicut till we came out to Oregon in1964. He finished school in Eugene Oregon.. He loved baseball and most sports but baseball was number one. After he finished school he was involved with the wrong group. That is when he joined the Marines, mostly, I think because Charles chose the Marines. His oldest brother was in the Navy. Our fifth child is: Susan Claire. She was born on Easter Sunday April 10, 1955. She was a delight to have around while she was growing up. Happy-go-lucky, full of fun. A if I don't get around to it today, I'll do it tomorrow attitude. But she did get it done. She was not an honor student like her sister, but she passed her grades. ; During school years she had a boy friend (Don) we thought a great deal of and so did she. After she graduated she worked at K Mart where she met a man twice her age. Convinced her to run off with him. He was already married with a boy Susan's age and three of four other children. She went to Misouri with him, where her first child was born. Jennifer Sadler. It wasn't long after that she was home here. Jennifer was only a few week old. About a year later they had a boy Jack, They were living in Springfield Oregon at the time. I found out at that time that Jim Sanders had taken off with another teenager, and gone back to Missouri. She got a job and bought the children up on her own. She has since married Brad Rutherford., and seems to be happy, but still working. The two children are grown. Jennifer is married and has a child of her own now. Jack lives in Missouri with his father. There is another part to Susan's life , that she did to her faather and mother that is better forgotten. Our sixth child is: Shawn Patrick. In 1973 we took Shawn Patrick in as a foster child. His mother was not well, and after a few weeks asked us if we would please consider adopting him. She did not want Child Service to get their hands on him. We knew it would not go well with Child Service, we were 55 years old. We went thru the necessary channels. Retained one of the best lawyers in town. The child service fought us hard, but we won out. He is ours Shawn Patrick Donaldson. We have a new law on the books. Age is no barrier to adoption . He was born June 30 1973, in Eugene Oregon. He will be 26 years old in June 1999. Very talented, an artist, makes beautiful furniture.. When in Kelly Jr. high, he drew a mural of a space scene that hung in the front hall of the school. In North Eugene High, he was into wood working and made some beautiful furniture. I have a lot of it here. He is a handsome young man. as well as talented. He married Famina Brown at Eugene Oregon. They have a darling girl named Alexis born October 1996 and a boy born August 3, 1998. Both were born in Eugene Oregon. Our seventh child is: Stephen Allan. In 1976 we adopted another baby boy we named him Stephen (a name that has been in my family since the beginning of time I guess) He was born in Lincoln City Oregon the 6th of December 1976. Edward enjoyed the boys. Had more time to be with them I guess. Stephen is a red head. He is not an artist like Shawn but he is a whizz on the computer, useing working on it. He married Cathy Paz, on the 25 of November 1996, in Eugene Oregon. She is a very sweet person. They have a beautiful dark hair, snappy dark eyes. girl , Kayla Marie Donaldson and a handsome boy Seth Allen Stuart Donaldson (quite a mouth full ). He is a loveable tease. But afraid of my german sheperd do ___________________________________________________________________________________________ That is the end of the Donaldson's for now FREDERICK POTTER REYNOLDS JR. IS Catherine and Frederick' Reynolds second child Fred was born in New Havem Conn on October 20, 1025. In a private hospital on Whitney Avenue. He had a head of dark ringlets. It wasn't long before they turned blond. He was a handsome baby. and the only grandchild for about 1942. We lived in Hamden Conn. We all went to Hamden Schools. It was a great place to live at the time. Fred went into the service right from high school. (Drafted, there was a war going on)' He was there in Europe till the end. Was hurt and in the hospital at one time, and his company went on. He should tell this part of his life. I hope he does. He has the Purple Heart. He married Mary Mislow April 10 1948 at West Haven Connecticut. What a wedding. I never saw so much good food in one place in my life. All home made by her mother. It was an inspiriation to try it myself. I have often. It is good but not quiet the same. They have three children and five grand children. Frederick P b. Sept 14,1955--m- Karen Joseph-July 14, 1985 Ashley b Jan 17, 1987 Trica (twin) b Jan 17, 1987 Holly J. b. Dec. 24, 1956--m--Charles R. Hogy --Sept,22, 1984 No children Craig P. b. Sept. 24,1959--m Mary B. Hamilton--Aug. 24, 1985 Katherine M b Jan 15, 1985 Luke H. b March 19, 1986 Nadjeshia E. b Aug. 08, 1990 Catherine and Frederick Candee's third child was Claire Lillian ( Reynolds) Vandiver. Claire was born at Hamden Connecticut, at home July, 1933 She died June 04 1981. At Durango. Co. of cancer. She was fifteen years younger than I. I thought she was a living doll. At the time I was working and loved buying cute things for he.r. She would ask a question and we would answer and there was always a why that followed. She was in her teens when our Dad died of cancer. She married Harry Vandiver June 06 1959 in Hartford Connecticut. They made their home in Los Animous Colorado by Harry's folks. Joined his Dad in the insurance and real estate business. They had three children. Jeffery H b October 24, 1961 James Lee b Jan 06, 1963 Lisa b May 02, 1969 All born in Colorado

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