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    Let me go to the Gunning name: Start with Thomas Gunning.  He was BORN in  Ireland.  He came to America sometime around the time of the Potato Famine.  He enlisted in   the Civil War at Pennsylvania in 1861.  My recent paper work said he served in Pennsylvania and transferred A Co 69th inf. Reg PA SOURCE History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5.  He
served his time and reenlisted January 5, 1864, and promoted to full Sergt on 01 February 1864.  Promoted to Full 2nd Lieut on 16 June 1865 (not mustered).  Served Pennsylvania Enlisted A Co 69th inf Reg PA mustered out at Ball's Cross Roads, Va on 01 July 1865.  Some of the men he served under were Capt. John M. Huges, William Gallagher and Smith
 Thomas applied for his pension papers at New Haven Conn.

    Most of the above I must thank my Uncle Charles Gunning,  his son (my cousin) Charles Gunning and my brother Frederick Reynolds and his wife Mary.  Some I acquired from Ancestral Daily news on my computer and  L.D.S. Library on W. 18th Street Eugene Or.  What I would like to find is where and when Thomas was born.  Who he married. When he died and where he is buried.  How many children he had.  I guess if I get that I will have everything I need because I will know then where my Grandfather was born.

            I will move to my Mother's side and begin with my Grandmother Elizabeth Cecil Malloy.  She was Born April 1871.  Probably in New Haven Connecticut
       Died March 24, 1931 at Hamden Conn.
 I know she had a brother (always was told they were twins) .  His name was Edward Malloy, was gassed in World War 1.  The family lived at Weathersfield Ave. Hartford Conn.  This was in the 1920's/1930's. We called his wife Noni.  I believe she was a nurse.  They had two daughters.  May was the oldest and Dorothy was the same age as I.  Even though it was a long trip in those days, we visited them often and enjoyed every minute.

 Grandfathers name was Richard James Gunning.  His father was Thomas Gunning. Richard Gunning was BORN---January   1870 Where????
   Died ----June  06, 1946 at  New Haven Connecticut
   Married --Elizabeth Cecal Malloy
She was   Born-----April     1871
   Died-----March 24, 1931 at Hamden Connecticut
They had 6 Children
  #1-- Mary Catherine  Born---- Aug.  1889, New Haven, Ct.
       Died----February 03, 1896
  #2-- Thomas James  Born---July 13, 1893--@ New Haven,Ct
       Died---February 03 1974 @ New Haven
                     Children one          Wife Catherine
      #3 ** Catherine Francis   Born-- September 19, 1895 @ Meriden, Ct
        Died---April 17, 1967 @ Greensboro M
         Children 3                M--- Husband--Frederick P. Reynolds 1917
  # 4==     Richard James    B--March 27, 1898 @ Jersey City, N.J.
         D--January 16, 1970 @ Hamden Conn.

     No children                 M--Catherine Callahan

     # 5 James    B--August 23, 1903 @ Bayone N.J.
    Children One     D--May 10, 1962 @ Cheshire, Conn.
       M--Teresa Lamb
     # 6 Charles Edward    B--October 8, 1908 @ New Haven Conn.
        D--Dec 24, 1985 @ Hamden Conn.
    Children three  M--Margaret Callahan